Future vision

This is the future of iRobot

Our vision is to be the #1 consumer robotics company in the world. Together, we’re redefining robotics and the connected home.

Build the next generation of robots

iRobot was built on the promise of a cleaner home with Roomba – but through innovation, and the focus on creating increased value for our customers, we have built an ecosystem of intelligent, teaming robots to deliver on the promise of the smart home. The consumer robotics landscape is alive with possibility and we have only just begun.
Future vision
Colin Angle

"iRobot is changing the world. We are motivated by creativity and imagination, but we operate with purpose, turning our ideas into action and bringing clever, practical solutions to everyday challenges. For 30 years we have done this, and yet we are just getting started."

Colin Angle,
Chairman, CEO & Founder

The golden age of robotics is here

Explore a future full of possibility and innovation.

Always learning

Machine learning means our robots are getting smarter every single day - and the data we get from these machines helps us develop the next generation of robotics.

Smarter robots

Our Roomba and Braava robots will have a better understanding of the home, giving customers optimized performance, new digital features, and customization options.

A smarter home

Our new generation of products integrate with voice-activated devices, like Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, to turn houses into smart homes.

Spatial intelligence

We’re transforming consumers’ homes from a collection of devices to a unified platform designed to help people live their lives.

The golden age of robotics is here
iRobot's future

Be part of iRobot's future

If you want to invent, design, build, or sell the world’s most advanced consumer robotics, this is the place to do it. Plus, we’re creating a strong global foundation that allows us to be even more efficient, transparent, and collaborative across our teams.

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