iRobot offices

This is where we work

We have offices in the US, Europe, and across Asia Pacific. Each of them is designed with our people in mind - to support creative thinking, collaboration, and well-being.

iRobot HQ: Bedford, Massachusetts

Our global headquarters is 270,000 sq ft, with dedicated areas for yoga, massage, and socializing, and lots of space to innovate and build thanks to 20 state-of-the-art labs, a design studio, and a Lego wall. There’s also a free shuttle to and from Alewife T Station.

Welcome to our Bedford office:

Biking at iRobot

Enjoy a breath of fresh air with your team

dogs at iRobot

Bring your dog to work on Fridays

Celebrating at iRobot

Celebrate all things Roomba

Pasadena Offices

iRobot: Pasadena, California

Based in the beautiful historic old town, our Pasadena office is walking distance from the Metro Gold Line, offering easy access to LA.

Welcome to our Pasadena office:


Practice yoga and watch the sunset

Office space

Relax in the lounge and games room


Join the team for an early morning surf

iRobot: Europe

Based in the heart of bustling Victoria, our London office operates as our EMEA HQ, but we also have offices in Lyon, Vienna, Brussels, Lisbon, Madrid, Hamburg, and Zwolle.
Europe offices at iRobot

Welcome to our European offices:

European team

Get dressed up for our costume competitions

European team

Take the track with your colleagues

European team

Show the kids what it's like to be an iRoboteer

Offices at iRobot

iRobot: Asia Pacific

We have offices across the APAC region, in Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Tokyo, and Osaka.

Welcome to our APAC offices:

Setteling engineering disputes

We know how to settle engineering disputes

sports at iRobot

Take part in football or table tennis

Family fun day

Get involved in our Family Fun Day

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