"As iRobot's Technical Director of Machine Learning, I'm building and deploying algorithms that will transform our robots."

Developing the next generation of products that will live in millions of homes across the world is incredibly rewarding. We’re building and deploying algorithms that will result in enhancements to our robots and their digital features using innovative techniques like deep learning. Essentially, we’re working to lead the intelligence revolution for robots. My vision for Machine Learning at iRobot is to make our robots as smart as possible, to really help people and empower them to do a lot more. I love the technically challenging nature of the problems we’re working on, and the amazing team of people I have the privilege to work with to solve these problems. Plus, there are robots everywhere!

My workday is really collaborative. It consists of a big group of people working together to understand and solve technical problems with a data-driven approach. We are constantly trying new solutions, testing different things out, and comparing the results to decide how to move forward. One of the things I really value about iRobot is how much they emphasize learning, risk-taking, innovation, and provide employees with the opportunity to learn new things and work with different people. Plus, it’s hard not to love things like robot drag races, the free massages on campus, and the epic Halloween festivities.

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I love taking to the slopes.

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Rock climbing helps me stay active.

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I'm helping to lead the intelligence revolution for robots.

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