"I lead an organization called Operations Strategic Planning, made up of a cross-functional team of Operations professionals."

My team provides leadership and support to iRobot’s manufacturing supply chain, ensuring we’re well positioned to deliver high quality products to customers all around the world. Every improvement our team makes can have huge ripple effects on our future success and the opportunity to have an impact is tremendous.

iRobot feels like a family. We accept, appreciate, and support each other. We’re all working towards the same goals and we’re all invested in the success of the company. We want to be here, we want to get better every day, and we want to see each other succeed.

One of the most interesting experiences I’ve had at iRobot was participating in a number of meetings with government officials in a western province in China. While waiting for our flight home at the airport, we saw ourselves on Chinese CCTV. Of all the things I’ve imagined I’d see in my career, I never thought it would be me on TV!

As a mom of young ones, when I’m not at the office I am spending quality time building Legos, molding Play Doh, or pleading for veggies to be consumed!

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I'm a Mom to young children.

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I love building LEGO sets with my kids.

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I once found myself on Chinese CCTV after a meeting.

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