Data science

Data Science and Machine Learning

With great data comes great responsibility. Our robots live a digital and physical life, helping us understand how we can continue to meet the evolving needs of our customers.

Data science is a team effort at iRobot.

Like a band of undercover superheroes, we all have different strengths, but we help each other out and work together seamlessly.

Data science

We're proud of the work we do.

We give people across iRobot the answers they need, so they can make critical decisions, and we understand what it takes to invent and build a fleet of robots.

The people behind our products

"iRobot is a wonderland for a data scientist. Our data helps us enhance our customers’ experiences by better understanding their needs and delivering new solutions to exceed their expectations."

Brandon Rohrer,
Principal Data Scientist

data science

Get to know our Data Science and Machine Learning team:

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We've watched 327 episodes of the Great British Baking Show

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We've cycled 3,037 miles this year

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We drink 61 cups of coffee/tea every day

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