hardware engineering

Hardware Engineering

As a team, we’re responsible for bringing our robots to life. We work on some of the most advanced systems you’ll find, but with our diverse range of talents, backgrounds and skills, there aren’t many problems we can’t solve.

Our Team Mission

From initiation through to testing, from US to the Far East, we're constantly innovating, improving, and enhancing our suite of products.

Hardware engineering

Our core areas of expertise.

Our teams focus on Program Management, Compliance, Systems Test, and Electrical, Mechanical, and Systems Engineering. We ensure that our robots are built to world-class engineering standards, reliability, aesthetics, and innovation.

Take a look inside iRobot

Program Management
Your goal is to guide a new robot program from ideation to market delivery. Who leads the team to achieve the audacious? You.
Systems engineering
Systems Engineering
Mechanics, electronics, software. How will a complex, working system emerge from the sum of these parts?
Electrical engineering
Electrical Engineering
Motors, sensors, power management, radios, processors – providing a full spectrum of electrical engineering solutions.

Mechanical engineering
Mechanical Engineering
From vision to moving parts, our mechanical engineers analyze and prototype to solve problems and overcome challenges.
Regulatory Compliance
Regulatory Compliance
With an eye for detail and a wealth of knowledge, you’ll ensure we’re compliant from discovery to testing.
Systems testing
Systems Testing
Mitigating risk, test execution for validation, automation – you’ll make sure we’ve checked every aspect of our products.

A global presence

Our Far East team includes mechanical, electrical, and test engineers, as well as a state-of-the-art test lab.
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The people behind our products

"The hardware engineering group at iRobot is incredibly innovative and fun to work with. We have a full range of engineers with many diversified talents. Everyone is incredibly willing to share their expertise and help out on challenges."

Eric Burbank,
Principal Mechanical Engineer

Hardware Engineering
Eric Burbank

Get to know our Hardware Engineering team:

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